What is EEG?


EEG is the electrical activity generated by the brain when it is activated.  This electrical activity can be measured from electrodes placed on the outside of the head.  The activity is then amplified so that the signals can be analysed.


By using multiple recording spots around the head we are able to build a three dimensional representation of the brain.  This modelling provides us with the ability to determine which areas of the brain are activated at any given moment.  When this activity is time locked to eye tracking data you will understand the key elements associated with the brain activity.

Recording EEG can be done both in a fixed location (lab) or in a totally free moving environment (mobile EEG).  By using multiple sensors, the brain data can be viewed in the three dimensional brain model to identify key brain regions involved in decisional responses (e.g. driving, shopping, user interactions such as banking machines etc).  Below is an example view of an averaged EEG trace and the corresponding brain model.

EEG and_Brain_Model